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  1. “There is no doubt fiction makes a better job of the truth.”
    Doris Lessing, Under My Skin (via litverve)

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  2. Existential Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
    is the best thing to ever happen to the internet.

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    i’m that horrible friend that reads your text message then puts the phone down for 2 minutes to do something and forgets to reply until three hours later

    I always reply right away.

    Do you want a cookie?

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    #fucking flawless otp is both flawless and fucking

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  5. fuck


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“Good Morning, Mr. Turtle,” Bobby Cried.


    “Good Morning, Mr. Turtle,” Bobby Cried.

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    “And Then…” is a collaborative photography project between photographer Jo Metson Scott and artist/set designer Nicola Yeoman. Each photograph depicts an open narrative set in a wooded scene, whether it be a ghostly horse drawn carriage or a downed hot air balloon — the series is ethereal, beautiful and thoughtful.

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  12. I come and go

    … and I come and go again.

    I’ll be visiting again, eventually.

    To whoever is reading this, please do visit my Wordpress account; I’ve been doing some light-headed literary escapism here, writing this and that, here and there.


    Thanks! :)

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